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God : From the view-point of MahaDharma

We (followers of ‘MahaVad’ & ‘MahaDharma’) think, the great universe is the body of God, there is also a mind in this body, that is God mind. This great universe and its mind unitedly   –the God existence!  

Universe existence is the real God, and there is a Universe-Mind in this body, that is God-mind!

Universe is not created by God, itself God. In this universe, here is nothing except God. Only some parts of universe, like creatures are made by God. Though, God had made these creatures by its own body-materials. Our minds are also made from universe-mind. Nothing is creatable from nothing. We all are parts of God/universe.

God is a ‘Maha-Maya’ existence, which is created by Supreme Being –‘Brahma’ (in Sanskrit). Supreme Being is not God; it has no activities in this world. ‘Brahma’ is silent observer in this worldly game or sport. By the by, Dev/Deva/Devata is not God, it is a higher conscious stage of human beings.

Here, I want to include one thing more, Supreme Being –‘Brahma’ is not Absolute Being or complete or full. Any creation –even any dream is not possible from completeness or fullness. Completeness is a standstill condition. Supreme Being is not complete, also it has a few want, and it does not know –who it is, –why it is, –where it came from, and what the end is. This the main cause of creation.

Searching oneself after loosing intentionally, –is the mystery of creation.

The gradual steps of ‘Paramaham’ to ‘Aham’ –Supreme ‘I’ to individual ‘I’, as described in ‘MahaVad’ (briefly) –:

1. Supreme Being (Paramaham or Param Brahama) had created → 2. A ‘Maya’ copy of Supreme Being (Saguna Brahma) had been created → 3. Universe (there are two anti-Universes) existence or God, had created → 4. Creature

God is the soul of the universe –The invisible total Mind of the Universe is the real God. All are aspects of this Total, including great beings called demy-gods. The whole system of creation is God manifested. It is the material aspect of God.

The all-pervading Supreme Being (‘Brahma’ in Sanskrit) becomes a Form in the Universe through His Own potency, which is just like a self hypnotic state. In fact, God in this limited Form is an illusive temporary Character. It then manifests the Great Illusion (‘Maha-Maya’ in Sanskrit).

There are two types of realities in the whole. One is matter and the other is anti-matter. As opposite-reflections they exist only because of their separation. We as beings live here in one universal reality, and in fact we also live in the other opposite universe, in an opposite form. This separation gives the reality its existence. And these two opposites are attracted to each-other.

However, when these two realities unite, they’d both seize to be. One Universe is like the Male Principle, who is symbolically named ‘X’, the great attractive Lover. The opposite Universe is like Female, which we can call ‘Y’, she is X’s Lover. Always they are attracted to each-other and try to unite. This dynamic of loving attraction is the Cause of Creation.

When they unite they loose their separate identities. The Goal has been achieved. That is the end of illusions and illusive worlds. With the completion of the temporary dynamics there is Total Peace.

Find out for yourself how to come to realize these realities. It is certainly a great adventure to find your self, your opposite and the Source. In the teachings of ‘MahaDharm’ you can find the Way to yourself and Source.

Now, to know why all these had been created, one must have to read ‘MahaVad’.


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