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MahaManas (MahaAnand) -the great preceptor of the new age

MahaManas  the great spiritual teacher and the great

sage of the modern age. MahaManas is the inaugurator

of true-spiritual doctrine ‘MahaVad’ and he is the

founder of ‘MahaDharma’ –the way of real life. But the most important identity of

MahaManas,  –he is a great humanitarian. His all

efforts are – for human welfare.


MahaAnand  – the universal true eternal friend ! –the great preceptor, the great incarnation of God, the great sage of the modern age. He is resident of true spiritual world. 

 Meaning of ‘MahaAnand‘ is the great joy. MahaManas is another name of MahaAnand . 


The great wise and humanitarian MahaManas –being quite sympathetic to all human beings, he has shown the path of real life –that is ‘MahaDharma’. To free the self-oblivious men from the ecstatic state, to make them known the aim of life, MahaManas has shown the system of universal development. The main word of which is– “you have been born as a human being, your aim is to be a fully developed human being. Try to keep yourself always wakeful –conscious, to know oneself and this worldly system with your aim of life, and be effortful to make yourself true and universal developed human being.”

In this connection, he said, “it is not possible to attain salvation in this stage of consciousness. There are high to higher conscious-stages after this human conscious stage. At last–, step by step you need to reach to God conscious stage, and then you will be able to be same soul with God. Now, do your duty of this stage, –be a fully grown human being– first.”

He also said, “an individual by oneself will be able to decide that which is proper to be done and which is to be practiced, –after knowing rightly oneself. Therefore ‘MahaDharma’ does not load any code of conduct or any rules and rites. It helps us to be developed rightly, –by that one can be able to know oneself and God in its own reality. When some conscious persons will be enough developed in different places by the help of ‘MahaDharma’ (Maha-self-development program), then those who are connected with them, also will be eager to be developed. In this way, so many human beings can be developed gradually.

 ‘MahaDharma’ is not like other religions or ‘Dharmic’ systems. The differences here are more pronounced than the similarities with them. Worship of God is not object of this system. The main object of ‘MahaDharma’ is to make us fully developed human beings. Development of mind and also blooming of consciousness is the fundamental tune of ‘MahaDharma’ –and that is the natural quality of human beings.  The great universe existence is the God –from the viewpoint of ‘MahaDharma’ (for details visit our websites).

Although, it is ‘Dharma’ in name but it is not a ‘Dharmic’ system (like such and such ‘Dharmas’). It is ‘Dharma’ in true sense that is the law and quality of nature, and the natural duties of humanity.  In real meaning –it is the way of real life; –it is the call or invitation of humanity, –the call of becoming fully grown human being. Applying the principle ‘MahaVad’ in one’s life is ‘MahaDharma’. ‘MahaDharma’ is the actual shelter for humanity. To respond at this call is not meaning abandon one’s religion, that is to say, to hold ‘MahaDharma’, no need to abandon one’s religion. We don’t want to convert any one. We don’t want to hurt any religious faith. We only want them, those who are of same mentality with us.

Practice of ‘MahaDharma’ is a special kind of Yoga ––‘Maha Atma-Vikas Yoga’ (briefly ‘MahaYoga’ or ‘MahaManan’) practice, by which one can advance on the path of becoming fully grown human being, through this true and universal self-development program. Actually ‘MahaDharma’ is a universal self-development program for conscious human beings.

MahaManas said, “Good change of human being is another name of development. Some of us are being changed with the change of time– acquiring knowledge and experience, and some other of us are not changing enough, because of their mental inability or want of desire. Any change and new thing is a ridiculous affair to them. They are floating in the stream of tradition– customarily.

Good change of mind is the significant symptom of blooming or development of conscious mind. One who is trying to develop oneself continuously –consciously, -is actual ‘MahaDharmee’ or ‘MahaDharmin’. Now, I hope, it is clear –what ‘MahaDharma’ is.

In the course of mental development, sometimes –some changes may seem as bad and harmful. Don’t worry; these are unavoidable stages on the way of blooming consciousness. Remaining conscious and effortful, you will be able to overcome that harm or situation, and you will be stunned seeing that –how those bad or harmful changes have given the birth of development.  ”

‘MahaVad’ (–the great doctrine and delightful sayings of MahaManas) is the supernal view of MahaManas, with his peerless teachings on universal true self-development.   


           We know, he exists always in all of us–his devotees and disciples, though he is living out of sight. He hardly ever comes in public. Most of times he stays in Himalayas.  Even he won’t publish his photograph. “The Divine is in all, not in my Face alone”. We do not know what his age is. We see him as ever young. We are a few of the lucky men who stayed with him a few times.

           As a man he is an extraordinary, talented, wise, noble-minded, and humanitarian. But there will be some wrong if we see him as a common man. We, a few persons, know that he has extra ordinary supernatural good powers, which he prefers to hide. To us, He is God.

           You may get His Blessings in many ways without having to seek His physical presence. By practicing ‘MahaManan’ and  ‘MahaSadhana’, He comes to you in unseen ways.

           By installing His picture (painted) at home or office, in open place, decorated with garland of flowers, increases peace, happiness and prosperity. Putting incense and a candle in front of His picture and by praying regularly twice a day, you will attain the fulfillment of your heart’s desire. By practicing these yoga you will get a more beautiful and peaceful life. For deepest self realization and self development, you will have to practice regularly.

             Your life will become more bright and delightful, being a member of MahaAnand Holy Association (MAHA) and being a follower of MahaManas alias MahaAnand. Promote His ability to reach out to many. You can use any media, The modern world has much to offer in terms of broadcasting the message of universal peace and love.

             Remember: at any time, in any situation, when calling Him, silently muttering His name ‘MahaAnand’ or ‘MahaManas’ repeatedly, you may receive His benedictions.


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