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We are followers of ‘MahaDharma’ –the way of real life

To create a better world we want to establish the system or way of universal development, which is based on ‘MahaVad’ –the great doctrine and teachings on universal development and true spiritualism, taught by MahaManas alias MahaAnand.  which helps to develop the mind and also our consciousness, that which is free from all bad sides.

‘MahaDharma’ –the way of real life. It is made by human beings and made for human welfare. That is ‘MahaDharma’ which helps to bloom our mind, that which is free from all bad sides like superstition, malice, hatred, cruelty, malpractice, and which does not give us any false promise. True Humanitarianism is our ‘ism’.

Yes, we are followers of ‘MahaDharma’ –the duties of Humanity, which is based on human development, and ‘MahaVad’ –the true-spiritual doctrine and great teachings of MahaAnand alias MahaManas. True Self-development is our worship and our devotion to human interests. That is ‘MahaDharma’ which is based on True-Spiritualism, –that which directly helps to bloom or develop our mind, that which teaches and shows the way of better life, and which helps and incite or insist to get true knowledge. The system or way of human development– ‘MahaDharma’ never encourages us to get God and haven. ‘MahaDharma’ always encourages us to know the truth, and to be able to receive the truth for a better life. Neither it misguides us nor does it give us any false promises.

Those who love true-spirituality, those who are fond of truth, eager for self-knowledge –self-realization –self-development, those who want a better life, joyful & peaceful world with full of knowledge are suitable for our society.  By the way, we don’t want to convert any one. We don’t want to hurt any religious faith. We only want them, those who are of same mentality with us.

This system of development’s main theme is unveiling the truth of life and true & universal self-development –blooming of the conscious mind. This program incites us and helps us to be fully developed human beings, through –true self-development.  ‘MahaDharma’ – the natural and fundamental duties of mankind, it is made for human welfare. ‘MahaDharma’ is the way to real life.

We think–, God is universe––The invisible total Mind of the Universe is the real God. All are aspects of this Total, including great beings called demy-gods. The whole system of creation is God manifested. It is the material aspect of God. The all-pervading Supreme Being (Brahma in Sanskrit) becomes a Form in the Universe thru His Own potency, which is just like a self hypnotic state. In fact, God in this limited Form is an illusive temporary Character.

Universe is not created by God, itself God. In this universe, here is nothing except God. Only some parts of universe, like creatures are made by God. Though, God had made these creatures by its own body-materials. Our minds are also made from universe or God-mind. Nothing is creatable from nothing. We all are parts of God/universe.

Be a dignified spiritual leader – Be preacher of ‘MahaVad’ and ‘MahaDharma’. We need active members for our spiritual and universal developmental organization, to spread our activities the entire world over. Also need honest, generous, energetic and dedicated leaders with organizing capability in different areas.  Be proud to being a follower of ‘MahaDharma’, for construction of true spiritual world, and for a real life. Volunteers are Welcome.

We are searching a few leaders and active friends for our True-spiritual organization. One who is fond of true-spirituality and true self-development, and who is able to take the leadership to establish ‘MahaDharma’ in his /her area or world wide –is suitable if he/she is desirous to take the post spontaneously.

The sayings of ‘MahaManas’–: “Though mundane enjoyment of happiness is apparent aim of the life, but behind of that, there are working latent demands of self-search— search of truth and attainment of fullness. As a result of run forward for indomitable impulse of enjoyment of happiness, through acquiring knowledge and experience, –gradually development of consciousness or true self-development is being happened. In this way, at the end of complete self-development —attainment of oneness is the ultimate goal of the life.”


Becoming fully developed human being –is the chief object of ‘MahaDharma’ –the natural way of true & universal development


Posted November 5, 2011 by mahavadin

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