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         MahaAnand Holy Association



‘MahaAnand Holy Association’ (MAHA) is a society of true spiritual and true & universal self-developmental program, based on ‘MahaVad’ –the great doctrine and teachings taught by  MahaManas (MahaAnand ). There are two wings (paths) in ‘MAHA’, one is ‘MahaManas Mandal’ ( based on ‘MahaManan’–for those who are fond of truth, those who want universal self-development, self-realization, self-knowledge. ) and other is ‘MahaAnand Mandal’ ( based on MahaSadhana –for those who want to communicate with God through devotion and for eternal lover ).

Our society is both scientific and true spiritual. For conscious people who have the eagerness for self-knowledge, self-realization and true self-development. 

 Our organization is broad minded, humanitarian in scope and for conscious men and women. Our aim is to expand our activities all over the world.

           Main programs of the ‘MahaAnand Holy Association’ :

1.      Expert advice and treatment is given for physical, emotional and mental health using alternative systems.

2.      True & universal Self development through Maha-Atma-Vikas-Yoga Education, Meditation, also using medical and psychological methods.

3.      Lessons, instructions and practice schedule for future parents, Coaching before, during and after pregnancy.

4.      Child education for proper development to adulthood, to be extended in society at large.

5.      Advanced teachings and practice for those who really want to gain true spiritual knowledge, power and realization.

6.      Communicating amongst people world-wide to further develop their own treasures of knowledge

7.      Promoting further development of member’s progressive initiatives for global enlightenment


  – You can become a member of ‘MahaAnand Holy Association’ for receiving and/or giving further help. 


Be Member of ‘MahaAnand Holy Association’ (MAHA)


– You may get membership of ‘MahaAnand Holy Association‘ (MAHA) society, if you want to join yourself, consult with rules and regulations as mentioned below.

   To apply for membership of  ‘MahaAnand Holy association’ society you have to copy this page first and then, fill up the application form given below, with details about yourself, send us at our email address:

Every member is a foundation stone of ‘MAHA’ society, so every member has a duty to develop his organization with his own development. It is also a basic duty of a member to gather more suitable member. By which the organization can becomes great, more efficient and more prosperous. Member may form a ‘Maha Manan Kendra’ or ‘Maha Atma-Vikas-Yoga education center’  (MAHA SELF-DEVELOPMENT CENTER) or ‘MahaSadhana’ center ( for devotional wayfarer) at his own area – where they can continue their study and practice regularly. There is another prime work of members, to collect wealth for the right advancement of this organization.

Members (of ‘MahaAnand Holy Association’ ) are brothers and sisters of each other, there is a moral duty to look after and help to the best of one’s abilities to each others. But do not disturb others, you may inform your problem through our web-site, we hope that, able members will come forward to help you                                                                       

Any member who is depraved or closely connected with wrong act, you should take an effort to back him to the right way of the member. But do not take any risk; inform the main center of your organization. Organization may cancel the membership of being attached with an inhuman and anti-social action.

Every applicant gets a primary of membership at first; in every year confer the high level of membership gradually by carefully deliberating of yearly activities and examining the development of every member. Besides this, there is arrangement to confer special designation and special post of membership for special work, donation, lifetime membership and fully self-dedication of members.

After 6 month of getting membership, members may apply to us to consecrate. Consecration is given by a priest. One priest for an area can be appointed if the suitable applicant can be founded.

Consecrated followers must practice the Maha-Yoga and prayer regularly.

In time of taking membership, member will donate financial help as their ability and there in no compulsion. After the approval of application member have to install money as his ability (before breakfast) in a store-bowl every morning. After one, three or six months this gathered money has to send the main center. If your financial condition is developed with self development you can enlarge the quantity of money. You should remember that this society and organization is your, so it’s development and continuation is your responsibility. A certificate will be issued after acceptation your membership.


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